Is Quora the new Google?

If everything goes well,
Quora might be what shows on Google when you enter a question in the search box. And on Bing. And on Yahoo.

Important note: Google has been working on their solution of semantic search, the Knowledge Graph, for years. Others, like Bing, are working on semantic search, too. Quora has the potential to fit right in. In the web world of tomorrow (and yesterday, actually) what we need are answers, not search results. If Quora SEOs the heck out of this website, that might just be their largest benefit. And yes, that might also make it a Wikipedia alternative. But to get to that point, it will have to diversify its portfolio of topics and answers far more than it has to date.

So no, there is no David vs. Goliath question here, and Quora is not the new Google. There is more of a David-in-symbiosis-with-Goliath-thing starting to emerge…

See the answer on Quora:

Is Quora the new Google?


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