When should one use his own name in a business name?

Question details:
"In Architectural practices, one often uses "Last Name + Architects" as business name. This can be a bit old fashion but it is also timeless, while names such as morpholab can quickly age. I am thinking of using something timeless like DISCOVERY Architects. What do you recommend?"

One should do so if it helps one to succeed in one's particular industry to have their actual name in their brand name. For instance in Architecture.

I would argue that the suggestion in your other question on this topic,
 Brands and Branding: Is it better to have a distinctive business name or one that is easy to spell?,
Mamou-Mani Architects is a brand name much more worth using than Discovery Architects or morpholab for a couple of reasons. I already stated the pros for using it in your question that I mention above (some of the most important being that its sonority makes it sticky, emotional, distinguishing and storytelling), so I will just list some cons against the other two brand names:

Discovery Architects

  • Discovery is over-used and – to most people – meaningless. It is a word which is always easily connectable to any brand, and therefore absolutely unspecific and not distinguishing your brand from any other.
  • The ubiquity of the two terms included in the brand name Discovery Architects makes them harder to protect and to market. The more generic a term, the higher its SEO costs (one factor among many).
  • You are a famed architect. The name Discovery Architects does not connect your enterprise to your person, neither tell a story about you or your work.
  • Once again connection: People have a lot in mind when they think Discovery: TV, Space, but hardly architecture. There are certain branding conventions you should respect in your area of business, and this name does not.


  • It hasn't got anything to do with architecture, at all.
  • Morph as a term is not perceived in connection with something that relates more to structure, stability, like architecture.
  • Lab does not sound like your company actuallybuilds things, rather like it researches things, like a laboratory usually does. The term is far more experimental than necessary or beneficial for your brand.
  • You already need a similar name like this one for your online shop (to which I would like a bety invite, by the way.), as described in your question Brands and Branding: What do you think of the name MrMorph for a shop selling 3D printed objects?

So far, it looks best to with Mamou-Mani architects. It's a pretty good brand name.

Please keep in mind that I answer Quora questions on branding without doing extensive brand research, which may at times influence the results.

See the answer on Quora:

When should one use his own name in a business name?


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