Zero Dollar Budget for Startup Marketing: Myth or Real?

Zero dollar budget for startup marketing:


  1. Build a great product that creates buzz because of its huge benefits for customers and its great (product/UI/UX/web) design. Build social into your product so that it can provide its own virality.
  2. Brand wisely, with an emphasis on simplicity and focus, do the same in the creation of your communication units (PR messages, blog articles, inhouse product videos etc.).
  3. Get the word out by applying a pull strategy, concentrate on word-of-mouth, PR and inherent product marketing.

There are many more channels and ways to advertise without even touching your budget; I have chosen to keep it simple for this list.

Zero dollar cost for startup marketing:


The less budget you want to spend on marketing, the more it will cost you in terms of hard labor. A beneficial way therefore is to try an 'almost zero dollar cost' strategy, if your funds are very low. But realize this one fact: promotional pressure can be applied in the most easy way by strongly advertising for a lot of money, and sometimes (e.g. if you do not have a significant advantage over all of your competitors) it can be a necessity.

See the answer on Quora:

Zero Dollar Budget for Startup Marketing: Myth or Real?


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