How much of an effect will my domain name have on marketing strategies and generating business solely via e-commerce? All the top ranked extensions are taken.

Question details:

"clothing line called "monkey see, monkey do" and there are only 3 extensions left – not very good ones.  does the extension make that big of a difference or should i not focus on it?  or should i consider changing my brand's name which i actually love and have had for a few years now?"

I see a way for you to keep your brand name and get a decent top level domain. You can do this by playing with the second level domain name without forsaking you brand name. Pocket, the service formerly known as ReadItLater, is a good example ( Consider

  1. Abbreviations like msmd, msmdclothing
  2. Verbal extensions like buymonkeyseemonkeydo
  3. Noun extensions like shopmonkeyseemonkeydo
  4. Playful extensions like monkeyseemonkeydomonkeyshop (long URL names can have great appeal in some industries, the clothing industry is a perfect fit)

And try to go with a .com top level domain.

Please note that I did not perform any WHOIS availability searches.

Feel free to ask if you need more suggestions or have any questions.

See the answer on Quora:

How much of an affect will my domain name be on marketing strategies and generating business solely via an e-commerce? all the top ranked extensions are taken?


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