Will Google make Maps available as a standalone app for iOS 6?

I think that strategically, it would make a lot of sense for Google to release a standalone App.

Apple’s efforts to ban their opponent from their closed system have gotten more and more rigorous, but as we see with Chrome for iOS, the Search Giant is shooting back. Google is sure – just like Apple – that they have the superior product, and that is why they see the release of Google Chrome for iOS as a key link to their own infrastructure. The same goes for Google Maps, even though the conversion rate is not as high as with a browser, because users can get a very good user experience out of using a maps app without signing in for personalized features. But still, it makes sense, because in such an app, Google could integrate, say, Google+ and other services (now that they aren’t being told by Apple how that app has to look anymore) to convert more and more users to their services.

So yes, of course they should make a standalone Maps app for iOS 6. Will they? Hard to say. I’d bet on yes. At least a simple one.

//Edit: As reported a coule of days ago, the licensing contract between Apple and Google regarding the YouTube app for iOS has also expired, resulting in Google developing a standalone version of its popular video service for iOS (source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/08/…).

See the answer on Quora:

Will Google make Maps available as a standalone app for iOS 6?


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