Will Facebook’s Job Board compete with or threaten LinkedIn?

Yes, it will.

EDIT: After reading Anon User's answer I have included a statement about sharing private data in relation to business purposes.

Let's see what makes LinkedIN:
– job listings
– profiles
– a big user base
– updates/a news feed

LinkedIN is a specialized social network, rather than a job board – no one would argue with that fact. Facebook is a universal social network platform, offering first and third party services.

Look at the services Facebook duplicated/acquired, like photo sharing, and you know where I am going: If a business model that runs on social platform technology is successful enough, Facebook will try to eat that cake. Since it cannot acquire LinkedIN, it duplicates its service. Because there are already successful services in the career business running as an app on Facebook, the step seems only more logical.

The publication of personal data is has already transformed our private lives. It's a fact that today more people than ever share more private data than ever with their relatives and friends online. The second transition is also in full fledge: We (meaning the people in general) have already begun to share more and more of our private data with strangers, colleagues, friends of friends and other distant people. Many people even go so far as to friend all of their colleagues and publicize their whole Timeline. Since releasing private data is becoming more and more common, it is only a question of time until this development will reach the business lives of most people. It might take longer for some business areas than others, but it has already started, is spreading fast and will continue to spread.

Recent development shows that Facebook is not just competing with job board internet services. Wired correspondent makes a pretty good point in his June 2012 Article "The Facebook Juggernaut" (http://wrdm.ag/K5WrOV) that Facebook is again becoming more and more of a a closed platform like the early AOL and the like. With more and more links being rewired to Facebook apps rather than the respective websites, Facebook is making it harder and more and more unnevessary for its users to leave the platform, thus forcing/driving 'engagement'.

The pressure to deliver higher each and every quarter that Facebook's shareholders apply is unstoppable. It has to grow to survive.

See the answer on Quora:

Will Facebook's Job Board compete with or threaten LinkedIn?


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