What would be a good marketing strategy for Quora?

Disclaimer: As usual, I will overstep the boundaries of marketing and get into product development/product management ideas. It is my nature as a Creative Strategist.

I’d say, at this point (at which I see the company at the cusp of a huge step in growth, securing the position at the top of Q&A/deep knowledge services):

–  a great tagline, serious but ready for popular culture (see my recent post on that),
– lots of testimonials by well-known and really smart gals and guys to fortify the brand’s share of mind and market ownership (not just from the tech industry, but also from the corners of knowledge that Quora still has a lot of growth potential in) (testimonials work without directly using blunt advertising, trust and/or ask me)

Performance Marketing:
– SEO, concentrating on becoming the first and most prominent source of answers (watch out, Quora, Google is just behing you hitting the throttle right now),
– Social Media Marketing: wiring Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, blogging platforms and even Klout into/even deeper into the platform, encouraging users to auto-share their contributions to their timelines and profiles (with incentives),
– refininement of the Credits system (by crowd sharing, of course, but also by using – surprise – behavioral economics)
– refinement of the notification system in the same way (except from using behavioral economics)

– turning to blogs as multiplicators by supporting bloggers PR-wise
– supporting official institutions (governmental and ngo) in adding their Q&As to Quora, offering exclusive claim of and non-exclusive support and control over vanity URLs à la quora.com/doh (department of health) or quora.com/greenpeace
– same for companies, although here, a strong emphasis here should be put on maintaining information neutrality (e.g. no control for companies over the contributions of users, as opposed to Facebook)

This list is by no means complete and will be added to over time.

*Please excuse iPhone formatting.

See the answer on Quora:

What would be a good marketing strategy for Quora?


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